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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


22. February, 2010.
I finished my second little tuffet pillow with the help of Lynn’s instructions. My scissors had no fob since August, when I bought it in Budapest. I used to plan making one, but I didn’t find the suitable one till now. These scissors are colour ones, so the spider roses were made of lilac Anchor multicolour thread.


19. February, 2010.

I finished my first little tuffet pillow. Thanks Lynn for the instructions, what you find here. My pillow is not perfect, but it's mine. The flowers are made with Anchor multicolour silk thread. Today I gave this little pillow to my collegue. Nowadays she begins cross stitch again. I hope, she likes my little present.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

14. February

12. February, 2010.

Here are some hearts for Valentine’s Day to my kind friends!

I got an award

11. February, 2010.

… from Cserfescsillag. Thank you her for thinking of me. Sometimes when I keep looking at other’s blog, I don’t feel myself creative. I don’t create so many things just like other bloggers. Skorpiocska also thinks me creative. I’m pleased by this, so thank you her. So the first item is ok as for the rules:
a, Give thanks to the giver for the award.
b, Put the photo on the blog:

c, Link the giver’s blog: You may find Cserfescsillag’s blog here, and you may look in on Skorpiocska here.
d, I have to write 7 things about myself.
1. I love winter, mainly when a lot of snow fell. I like it best, when it begins to snow in the evening softly and secretly (Not as rain, which fall loudly, patter on the window-sill.), and in the morning everything is white. Everybody longs for spring, until I look at the little snowflakes with smile on my face.
2. I like crime series on tv. Nowadays I watch NCIS and Bones.
3. In the morning I get up hardly, but in the evening I would embroider far into the night. (Just one more thread, just one more colour, just some more stitch.)
4. Daily I drink 1 litre tea, but I drink only one instant coffee in the afternoon.
5. I like the smells of stationer’s. Years ago I used to desire having one, where I would breathe the smell of new papers, I would enjoy the exercise-books and colourful letter-papers.
6. I have intuitions a lot of times, bad thoughts, but I’m optimistic in everything.
7. I work at treasury and risk department as senior financial expert.
e, I have to give the award for seven bloggers, and I have to link theirs blog. It’s very difficult to choose, because I think everybody more creative, then me. But here it is, the list of the seven names:
1. Latinka always thinks up newer and newer giveaways. I think everybody is glad of it.
2. Belinda embroiders huge and wonderful pictures with lightning speed.
3. Andi bakes fine cakes day by day.
4. Phan makes beautiful jewels from beadles, her cake looks very fine, her embroideries is also beautiful.
5. Babra makes fantastic things from beads.
6. Zsófi, because I like her daughter’s fancy dress made by Zsófi.
7. Rita stitch beautiful pictures, crochets wonderful things. I found the idea of the slippers on her blog.

f, I have to tell the bloggers I signed them.

Felt slippers and fairies

05. February, 2010.

These felt slippers were crocheted by my friend, Eszter. She made them for my girl as Christmas present. I just say her, I saw some kind of slippers on the net on Rita’s blog, I had knitting wool, but I couldn’t crochet. She said, if I would give her a photo, the thread and she would make it. And she made them in a few days.
I finished my first embroideries in this year. These two fairies will be done sewing on a pillow onto my Gabi’s bed. I found the pattern on the net, I’m sorry, I forgot where I found, but thank you for it. I changed something, because in the pattern there were x-s on the fairies’ skirts, and I made French knots.
Update: Abile told me in comment, I found the pattern on her blog. She embroidered it with blue multicolour thread. Thank you Anikó for the pattern.

Mary Poppins

05. February, 2010.

As I mentioned my Mary’s frame was done, I take it home from the framer. The frame is wine-red, which go well to the colours of the embroidery.

Summary of January

05. February, 2010.

As I resolved, here is the first summary in this year about my not finished works, which were stitched in January.
The Mediterranean steps were stitched in last May, in December and in January I embroidered mostly this pattern. I would like to finish in February. The Seashore was in my wardrobe since September, and the end is very far, but some stitches were made in January. Dolphins looks like not going on, but believe it, I embroidered it!
Mediterranean steps in last May and now:

The seashore in last September and now:

Dolphins long ago and now:


05. February, 2010.
…namely writer’s. Nowadays I haven't the slightest intention of writing. Nothing is happening with us. Weekdays and weekends come and go, we commute between workplace – kindergarten – home day by day. Sometimes we go shopping, when we don’t find anything in the fridge, only sometimes because of financials. In December my children were ill, I was at home with them, I got less money. Invoices are be-yond our means in January…
The weather… I’m always tired and sleepy. (Yesterday I slept half day long.). I don’t feel like stitching, but I stitch the not finished works, as I resolved. You may see in the summary post what I stitch (Dolphins, Peaches and cream (I have to buy some thread, because I’m out of them.), Seashore, Mediterranean steps, Friends Girl with dog).
I will make summary about my works every month. My Mary’s frame was done. I’ll show it, when I can take a snapshot.
My daughters enjoy snowing. Railway embankment is not far from our house, we go there to sledge. They enjoy very much slipping from the top of the embankment, they don’t want to go home. We built snowmen in our garden, it thawed in a day. Today the sun is shining again, but it’s very cold.


08. January 2010.

We have still a lot of things to do around and in our house.
This year there will not be changes, our children will be still kindergarteners. Viki will be schoolgirl only in next September.
We don’t think of summer holiday this year, because we would like to have third baby at last.
Numbers of my stitching plans increase, instead of decrease. I decided to take turns at stitching not finished works every two or three days, I don’t want to finish all but I want to make good progress with them continuously. Perhaps I’m too optimist, but my list this year:
These were begun previously, I would like to go on with them:
DMC: Peaches and cream (tapestry)
Dimensions: Christmas tree ornaments
Vervaco: Mediterranean steps
Hudema: Friends - Girl with dog
These were begun in 2009:
Mirabilia: Emerald mermaid
Mirabilia: Cinderella
DMC: Tinker Bell
Pinn: Seashore
Cat with threads (for me onto my thread folder)
Bookmark with giraffe
DMC: Sleepy cat
I would like to stitch height measurer for my third baby, if he or she would be born this year.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


06. January 2010.

Our house grew more beautiful, but it's not finished yet. Banisters, shelves and cupboards were made by our joiner. Our garden became green, the fireplace was painted, ...
In March we finished operating coffee and vending machines.
In May I lost my baby (missed abortion), I was 10 weeks pregnant.
In July we went Hévíz for the summer holiday.
In October Gabi became kindergartener.
In November I was thirty-seven years old. It's terrible!
I announced a competition for giveaways two times in the year. Second time on my first blogoversary in November. I took part in gíveaways, and I won some beautiful presents.
I finished stitching JJ Herbs and Spices (This was my second RR) and in December I finished stitching the missing spices on my tablecloth (Permin, this was my first RR).
I stitched the Mediterranean steps, I began stitching four other patterns in 2009. There are lot of UFOs (unfinished works) in my wardrobe. (About these and my plans in 2010 I will write in the next post.) I have to make more embroideries at the same time, and take turns at stitching them. I need variety.
A lot of works were finished this year in addition to RRs:
Clock (into my Viki's room)

Bookmark with cat (My brother-in-law's present, plastic)

Easter rabbit (I bought the banner holder from Skorpiocska)

Easter rabbit (plastic)

Mobil phone fob (my friend, Eszter's present, plastic)

Squirrel (present to Gabi's nursery)

Hedgehog (tapestry)

Storage of threads and not finished works, scissors fob, biscornou (my sister's present)

Box with two cups of coffee (Eszter's birthday present)

Keys' keeper (my Father's present)

Bottle collar (my college's birthday present)

Mary Poppins (pattern designed by Ralina) I have no photo yet.

Heart ("French" pattern)

Tinker Bell's face (my daughter, Viki's present)

I made some more presents: scissors holders, scissors fobs, pinkeeps, boxes with ribbon embroideries.
More photos are found on my Hungarian blog.

New year

01. January 2010.

First post

Here you are: my blog in English. Welcome! Look around, read my blog, and come back soon. I hope I will show you interesting and beautiful things.
First of all I will copy some posts from my other blog, which were written in English or translated into English.