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Thursday, 4 March 2010


08. January 2010.

We have still a lot of things to do around and in our house.
This year there will not be changes, our children will be still kindergarteners. Viki will be schoolgirl only in next September.
We don’t think of summer holiday this year, because we would like to have third baby at last.
Numbers of my stitching plans increase, instead of decrease. I decided to take turns at stitching not finished works every two or three days, I don’t want to finish all but I want to make good progress with them continuously. Perhaps I’m too optimist, but my list this year:
These were begun previously, I would like to go on with them:
DMC: Peaches and cream (tapestry)
Dimensions: Christmas tree ornaments
Vervaco: Mediterranean steps
Hudema: Friends - Girl with dog
These were begun in 2009:
Mirabilia: Emerald mermaid
Mirabilia: Cinderella
DMC: Tinker Bell
Pinn: Seashore
Cat with threads (for me onto my thread folder)
Bookmark with giraffe
DMC: Sleepy cat
I would like to stitch height measurer for my third baby, if he or she would be born this year.

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