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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


06. January 2010.

Our house grew more beautiful, but it's not finished yet. Banisters, shelves and cupboards were made by our joiner. Our garden became green, the fireplace was painted, ...
In March we finished operating coffee and vending machines.
In May I lost my baby (missed abortion), I was 10 weeks pregnant.
In July we went Hévíz for the summer holiday.
In October Gabi became kindergartener.
In November I was thirty-seven years old. It's terrible!
I announced a competition for giveaways two times in the year. Second time on my first blogoversary in November. I took part in gíveaways, and I won some beautiful presents.
I finished stitching JJ Herbs and Spices (This was my second RR) and in December I finished stitching the missing spices on my tablecloth (Permin, this was my first RR).
I stitched the Mediterranean steps, I began stitching four other patterns in 2009. There are lot of UFOs (unfinished works) in my wardrobe. (About these and my plans in 2010 I will write in the next post.) I have to make more embroideries at the same time, and take turns at stitching them. I need variety.
A lot of works were finished this year in addition to RRs:
Clock (into my Viki's room)

Bookmark with cat (My brother-in-law's present, plastic)

Easter rabbit (I bought the banner holder from Skorpiocska)

Easter rabbit (plastic)

Mobil phone fob (my friend, Eszter's present, plastic)

Squirrel (present to Gabi's nursery)

Hedgehog (tapestry)

Storage of threads and not finished works, scissors fob, biscornou (my sister's present)

Box with two cups of coffee (Eszter's birthday present)

Keys' keeper (my Father's present)

Bottle collar (my college's birthday present)

Mary Poppins (pattern designed by Ralina) I have no photo yet.

Heart ("French" pattern)

Tinker Bell's face (my daughter, Viki's present)

I made some more presents: scissors holders, scissors fobs, pinkeeps, boxes with ribbon embroideries.
More photos are found on my Hungarian blog.

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