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Thursday, 4 March 2010

I got an award

11. February, 2010.

… from Cserfescsillag. Thank you her for thinking of me. Sometimes when I keep looking at other’s blog, I don’t feel myself creative. I don’t create so many things just like other bloggers. Skorpiocska also thinks me creative. I’m pleased by this, so thank you her. So the first item is ok as for the rules:
a, Give thanks to the giver for the award.
b, Put the photo on the blog:

c, Link the giver’s blog: You may find Cserfescsillag’s blog here, and you may look in on Skorpiocska here.
d, I have to write 7 things about myself.
1. I love winter, mainly when a lot of snow fell. I like it best, when it begins to snow in the evening softly and secretly (Not as rain, which fall loudly, patter on the window-sill.), and in the morning everything is white. Everybody longs for spring, until I look at the little snowflakes with smile on my face.
2. I like crime series on tv. Nowadays I watch NCIS and Bones.
3. In the morning I get up hardly, but in the evening I would embroider far into the night. (Just one more thread, just one more colour, just some more stitch.)
4. Daily I drink 1 litre tea, but I drink only one instant coffee in the afternoon.
5. I like the smells of stationer’s. Years ago I used to desire having one, where I would breathe the smell of new papers, I would enjoy the exercise-books and colourful letter-papers.
6. I have intuitions a lot of times, bad thoughts, but I’m optimistic in everything.
7. I work at treasury and risk department as senior financial expert.
e, I have to give the award for seven bloggers, and I have to link theirs blog. It’s very difficult to choose, because I think everybody more creative, then me. But here it is, the list of the seven names:
1. Latinka always thinks up newer and newer giveaways. I think everybody is glad of it.
2. Belinda embroiders huge and wonderful pictures with lightning speed.
3. Andi bakes fine cakes day by day.
4. Phan makes beautiful jewels from beadles, her cake looks very fine, her embroideries is also beautiful.
5. Babra makes fantastic things from beads.
6. Zsófi, because I like her daughter’s fancy dress made by Zsófi.
7. Rita stitch beautiful pictures, crochets wonderful things. I found the idea of the slippers on her blog.

f, I have to tell the bloggers I signed them.

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