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Thursday, 4 March 2010


05. February, 2010.
…namely writer’s. Nowadays I haven't the slightest intention of writing. Nothing is happening with us. Weekdays and weekends come and go, we commute between workplace – kindergarten – home day by day. Sometimes we go shopping, when we don’t find anything in the fridge, only sometimes because of financials. In December my children were ill, I was at home with them, I got less money. Invoices are be-yond our means in January…
The weather… I’m always tired and sleepy. (Yesterday I slept half day long.). I don’t feel like stitching, but I stitch the not finished works, as I resolved. You may see in the summary post what I stitch (Dolphins, Peaches and cream (I have to buy some thread, because I’m out of them.), Seashore, Mediterranean steps, Friends Girl with dog).
I will make summary about my works every month. My Mary’s frame was done. I’ll show it, when I can take a snapshot.
My daughters enjoy snowing. Railway embankment is not far from our house, we go there to sledge. They enjoy very much slipping from the top of the embankment, they don’t want to go home. We built snowmen in our garden, it thawed in a day. Today the sun is shining again, but it’s very cold.

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